About Us

Immutable Research Institute (IRI) is centered on promoting broader acceptance of blockchain technology among corporate and governmental entities, as well as the broader public. Founded in early January 2022 by a small team of creators, IRI is a blockchain development organization based in Champaign, IL.


Adam Rusch

Executive Director, Immutable Research Institute

Adam teaches and runs online courses for the University of Illinois where he earned his PhD in Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership.  As Executive Director of IRI he is responsible for running the organization under the guidance of the Board and coordinating projects between IRI and its partners.

Kristoffer Knigga

Board Member, Immutable Research Institute

Kris is a technologist with a decade of experience in the Fintech industry.  He currently holds a position engineering infrastructure solutions for an electronic futures and options trading platform.

Matthew Plomin

Board Member, Immutable Research Institute

Matthew has been working in finance in New York for over a dozen years. His work has been primarily on fund management, credit risk management, and portfolio management for fixed income mutual funds.  Currently working on mutual fund tokenization and ESG integration issues within structured finance.

Andrew Westberg

Technical Advisor, Immutable Fellow

Andrew is the CTO of NEWM, creator of the CNCLI and JorManager stake pool management tools, and developer of Phyrhose, an optimized system for signing, minting, bundling, and chaining transactions on Cardano.  As an Immutable Fellow, Andrew will help direct funding from IRI towards blockchain development projects.