Helping grow blockchain adoption

Who We Are

Our History

The Immutable Research Institute (IRI) is a new non-profit foundation (IRS paperwork in process) focused on educating the public on blockchain usage and functionality.

Our mission

The mission of IRI will be to educate the public about blockchain technology and advocate for good regulatory frameworks that support the industry. IRI will be based out of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, which is the home of the University of Illinois as well as the headquarters of companies like Runtime Verification and Wolfram Blockchain Labs.  Our directors are members of the Champaign Blockchain Meetup group sponsored by the University of Illinois Research Park with ties to the public policy world and traditional finance.

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Our vision

As blockchain networks gain utility they are coming under more scrutiny than ever by lawmakers and regulators. Even as more people get involved the barriers to entry remain high, as individuals are unsure how these new technological systems work and how they will be treated in the eye of the law. More clarity is needed on how people and organizations should interact with blockchain systems.

To engage with the community we hope to continue our work with the Champaign Blockchain Meetup group bringing high-quality events to the public. We also plan to host more technology discussions, hackathon events, and educational programs where users can learn about the blockchain by experimenting with digital objects on chain.